Flexible Membership

Join Thorne Golf Club for only £325 as a PlayMoreGolf flexible member NOW!!!

PlayMoreGolf is the perfect membership for the infrequent golfer who still wants to be a member of a golf club.

As a PlayMoreGolf member at Thorne, you can:

  • Hold a handicap and play in club competitions.
  • Book tee-times up to 7 days in advance using our online PlayMoreGolf booking platform.
  • Use your PlayMoreGolf membership for up to 3 friends per round.
  • Use your PlayMoreGolf membership to play at other PlayMoreGolf participating golf courses.
  • Play up to 50 rounds of golf.
  • And all for just £325 a year.

PlayMoreGolf are proud to partner with many of the UK’s leading golf clubs and by many golfers just like you. To find out more about this flexible membership and its benefits please CLICK HERE!

By joining PlayMoreGolf you have 7-day access to Thorne Golf Club. Interested in joining? Then please CLICK HERE to sign up today!